Administering Medications

Administering MedicationsOnce your pet has been prescribed medications it is important that those medications are administered properly for them to be effective. The links below have detailed instructions and videos on proper medication administration if you need more information or just need to refresh your skills.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you are having any problems giving medication to your pet.  Our staff will be happy to give you verbal instructions or to give you first hand training in the clinic.

Ear Medications:

Cleaning Ears and Administering Ear Medications to Cats

Cleaning Ears and Administering Ear Medications to Dogs

Eye Medications:

Administering Eye Medications to Cats

Administering Eye Medications to Dogs

Oral Medications (liquids and pills):

Administering Oral Medications to Cats

Administering Oral Medications to Dogs

If you think that using a pilling device or "Pill Gun" will help with giving your pet their medication, call and let us know. A pill gun is a long plastic tube with a plunger and a rubber end to hold the pill. Holding the pill gun like a syringe, you can administer the capsule or tablet without puting your fingers in the pet's mouth. Click here and scroll down to find a video on using a pilling device.

Please contact our veterinarians at Animal Medical Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida (FL) at 727-896-7127 for more information.

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      Dr.Clark is always a pleasure to see! He treats our Lola with so much love and respect. English Bulldogs are a particularly special breed with many specific medical ailments, and I believe he truly understands her and the breed itself. He never rushes us, and always answers all of our questions! One of the best Vetenarian Doctors we have ever had and we always recommend him to everyone. Also, the staff there is always super friendly and loves to see Lola :-) Thank you!!

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