Boarding & Bathing

Dog BoardingWhether your pet is just coming for a day at the spa or needs to stay in our kennel while you are away, we are here to make your pet's experience pleasant and comfortable. Our dedicated kennel staff is ever alert to your pet's needs. Our clients find comfort in knowing that veterinarians are supervising our kennel and are on-site every day to address any issues that may arise while their pets are at Animal Medical Hospital.

Our number one priority is maintaining a healthy and safe kennel environment.  To this end we require that all pets that enter our kennel are up to date on required vaccinations, have been screened for intestinal parasites in the last year and are free of external parasites, like fleas and ticks. If your pet is in need of vaccines and/or a fecal examination, we are more than happy to provide these services.

Boarding & Bathing Requirements


  • Vaccinations for Rabies and DA2P (distemper, adenovirus 2, parvovirus) within one or three years depending on vaccine used
  • Bordatella (kennel cough) and Leptospirosis within one year
  • Negative fecal examination in the past year


  • Vaccinations for FVRCP (feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia) and Rabies within one to three years depending on vaccine used
  • Negative fecal examination in the past year

Boarding Services

Pet BoardingWe want your pet's boarding visit to our Saint Petersburg, FL veterinary hospital to be as pleasant as possible. When scheduling an appointment for boarding, please allow about 15 to 20 minutes for a staff member to look over your dog, cats and/or exotic pet and review his or her care with you. If your pet is having any problems or issues, and you would like an examination by one of our doctors, please let our staff know upon admission.

It is very important that we have a phone number to reach you at while you are gone. If you will be unreachable by phone, please provide us with the name and phone number of a person who may authorize medical treatment on your behalf.

Bring in any medications that your pet will need during his or her stay. If you forget your medications, we are able to dispense additional medications at our usual fee.

If your pet has special dietary needs and/or a sensitive stomach, please bring his or her food with you. We will provide food, both dry and canned, for pets who do not have special dietary needs.

Please limit the toys to those which will not be too badly missed if they are lost. We will do our best to return your pets toys to you at the end of his or her boarding stay

We request that you do not bring bedding for your pet. Our kennel is equipped with comfortable, easily laundered bedding that is changed daily, or more frequently as needed

We want your pet sent home clean and healthy. For us to do this, time is needed on his or her go-home day for bathing, drying and brushing. We will arrange a pick-up time with you that will allow us to do this, and we request that you call us if you need to change your pickup time.

Bathing Services

BathingWe are happy to provide baths for our dog and cat friends in Saint Petersburg, FL. Whether your pet has a skin condition that requires medicated shampoos or is just dirty, we have the right products to keep your pet looking their best. If your pet has a skin health condition, we may be able to improve that condition using one of our several medicated shampoos. Our baths for dogs include a nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, drying and brushing. Our baths for cats include a nail trim (at your request), ear cleaning, drying and brushing.

Bathing services are available Monday-Friday. We request that all animals receiving baths arrive before 10 AM to allow us enough time to have your pet looking their best.

Appointments for baths are strongly recommended, especially around holidays due to high demand at these times.

If your pet is in need of grooming (clipping and trimming hair), we are happy to refer you to a qualified local groomer.

Pets that have any parasites upon admission to the kennel will be treated at the owner's expense. Animals that have contagious diseases will not be admitted into the general kennel population.

If your pet does not meet these requirements, we are happy to perform any needed services upon admission to our kennel.

Please contact our veterinarians at Animal Medical Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida (FL) at 727-896-7127 for more information.

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      Dr.Clark is always a pleasure to see! He treats our Lola with so much love and respect. English Bulldogs are a particularly special breed with many specific medical ailments, and I believe he truly understands her and the breed itself. He never rushes us, and always answers all of our questions! One of the best Vetenarian Doctors we have ever had and we always recommend him to everyone. Also, the staff there is always super friendly and loves to see Lola :-) Thank you!!

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