Laboratory Services

lab testWhat ever the need, we can provide the health information your pet requires.

Laboratory testing plays an important role in maintaining your pet's health, both in sickness and health. We offer laboratory testing for dogs, cats and exotic pets at our Saint Petersburg, FL veterinary hospital.

Some of the reasons for laboratory testing are

  • Diagnosing a suspected health problem
  • Organ function monitoring in aging pets (usually 6 years or older)
  • Pre-surgical / pre-anesthetic testing
  • Detecting heartworms, intestinal and skin parasites
  • Measuring medication levels to ensure accurate dosing

Fast Results

Laboratory tests may be run in clinic when results are needed quickly, or through Antech, a high quality, nationally recognized laboratory. Testing through outside laboratories often allows us to gain information more economically when urgent results are not needed.

Advanced Lab Services

dna testingWe now offer DNA testing for mixed breed dogs to determine which breeds are present in your dog's lineage.

We also use specialty pathology laboratories and several university laboratory services for more advanced laboratory testing.

Waiting for Test Results

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      Dr.Clark is always a pleasure to see! He treats our Lola with so much love and respect. English Bulldogs are a particularly special breed with many specific medical ailments, and I believe he truly understands her and the breed itself. He never rushes us, and always answers all of our questions! One of the best Vetenarian Doctors we have ever had and we always recommend him to everyone. Also, the staff there is always super friendly and loves to see Lola :-) Thank you!!

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