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Pet PharmacyOur Saint Petersburg, FL veterinary hospital pharmacy has a wide array of pharmaceutical items, supplies and medicines at reasonable prices which can be dispensed at the time of your pet's visit for added convenience. Our clients find additional confidence in knowing that medications are being dispensed by the health professionals that are most familiar with their pet's health.

Online Pet Pharmacies may be tempting and advertise that they are less expensive and more convenient, but be careful. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine has new literature out about online pet pharmacies called Be A.W.A.R.E. Your pet's health is our priority and this information will help you be safe ordering medications online. If you get your medications online, or are planning to, please contact us and we can answer any questions and help you determine if you really are getting a good deal.

Lincourt Compounding Pharmacy provides our patients with prescriptions in special flavors and formulations for pets that are difficult to medicate or need a unique dosage or medication.

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      Dr.Clark is always a pleasure to see! He treats our Lola with so much love and respect. English Bulldogs are a particularly special breed with many specific medical ailments, and I believe he truly understands her and the breed itself. He never rushes us, and always answers all of our questions! One of the best Vetenarian Doctors we have ever had and we always recommend him to everyone. Also, the staff there is always super friendly and loves to see Lola :-) Thank you!!

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